Do I need to buy anything additional when I place my order?

All of the R-Straps and Bags come with the appropriate and most recent FastenR and ConnectR. If you would like more information on the hardware that comes with each product please visit the individual product pages. Our newest generation of straps also include the appropriate number of LockStars.

However, if you would like to quickly switch your BlackRapid strap between multiple cameras you have the option to purchase additional FastenR’s. We also have alternative FastenR’s that are sold separately, FastenR Tripod and FastenR Stealth.

What are the main differences between the straps?

All of our straps utilize the same patented hardware that connects to the tripod mount of your camera. The main differences between the straps are in the shoulder pad and how they feel and function for you.

The Shot is a modern take on the classic shoulder strap. It features a non-slip, rubber grip shoulder pad that keeps the strap in place no matter what. It also utilizes the standard BlackRapid sliding functionality. The Shot comes in a set length and can be worn on either shoulder.

The Cross Shot feature the same rubber shoulder pad as the Shot in a cross-body strap style. It can be worn on either shoulder, is adjustable and can be used as an over the shoulder strap as well.

The Metro is our slimmest strap with a thinner shoulder pad than the traditional straps. It is perfect for smaller, lighter cameras.

The Women’s KICK is designed by and for women. It has a more slender shoulder pad and the webbing cuts down the center of the chest for added comfort.

The Curve has a slightly curved shoulder pad designed to sit on the left shoulder and is the most basic of all of our straps.

The Sport is our most supportive strap. The ergonomic shoulder pad shape and built in underarm strap keep the shoulder pad in place and provide extra support when shooting. It is our only strap that comes in a version for left-handed shooters.

The Yeti is a great solution if you want to carry two camera bodies with a one shoulder, cross-body strap. It is ideal if you are using one lighter setup, shooting for a shorter period of time or only use two cameras occasionally. The Yeti can be used as a single strap and includes an underarm Brad. It also has a thicker shoulder pad, with a non-slip grip on the underside to help with the weight of two cameras.

The Double is for photographers who carry two camera bodies at once. it is ideal if you are shooting with two heavy setups for a long day and is used by many wedding and sport photographers. It can also be separated and used as a single, cross-body strap.

Our newest generation of straps utilize a locking buckle in the back that allows all of them to be compatible with our accessories and they also come with a LockStar.

I use a tripod frequently, how can I also use my BlackRapid without always unscrewing the FastenR?

If you are using a Manfrotto RC2 Quick Release Plate you can use our FR-T1 which was designed specifically to take the place of their D ring.

If you are using an Arca Swiss compatible tripod the FR-T1 also works with the 3 Legged Thing AirHed plates which are Arca Swiss compatible.

We understand that tripod compatibility is an issue for many of our customers and there are a few tripod plates on the market that work with BlackRapid straps. One is the M Plate Pro by CustomSLR and it is compatible with many Arca Swiss and Manfrotto connections.

If you have any questions about tripod compatibility please email

How do I know if my R-Strap is fitting right?

For maximum comfort it is recommended that you adjust your strap so that your camera will rest next to your hip. The “R” logo should always be facing forward to ensure that you have the most comfortable fit.

Also, check out our Instructional Videos!

What are the locking bumpers on my strap for?

The locking bumpers are designed to limit the motion of the camera. The back bumper should be kept where you want the camera to stop or rest when it is not in use. This helps if the shoulder pad shifts backwards during shooting. The camera will hit the bumper and bring the shoulder pad back into place. The two bumpers can also be brought together to keep your camera in place when you are not shooting.

How much weight can your straps support?

All of our straps are designed to hold all professional level cameras and equipment but if you are concerned about your specific set up please feel free to reach out to us at

How can I clean my strap?

You can wash your strap by hand or in the washing machine. We recommend that you remove the FastenR prior to washing your strap. If you’re using a washing machine, you may want to cover your ConnectR to protect it from banging around inside your machine. We also suggest that you air dry your strap (do not put it in the dryer).

Where can I see the product on an actual person?

Please visit your Local Dealer or be sure to check out our videos.

What straps are suitable for left-handed shooters?

We offer the Sport Left and Sport Left Slim, left handed versions of the Sport straps. The SHOT and Cross SHOT can be used on either shoulder. All other straps are technically designed for right-handed shooters, they sit on the left shoulder and the camera hangs at the right hip.

What is your longest strap?

Our longest straps are the Sport and the Sport Left (all 167.5 cm/ 65.9”). However, all of our straps can now be combined with the Bert to extend them up to an additional 38cm/ 15”.

How do I know if I should purchase a Slim strap?

We suggest a Slim strap for anyone with a slender build. If you feel you are in between, either the Slim or Regular could work for you. We recommend Slim straps for most women. If you are using a wider strap and have slimmer shoulders the strap might begin to slip off your shoulder.

Can the Double or Yeti be used as a single?

Yes, both the Double and Yeti are designed to be used as a single strap as well. On the Double you can use the right handed section (with the Logo on it) as a single strap for right handed photographers. Simply remove the front chest strap and the back connection, bring the right half with the logo over your head and use it as a cross body strap. It is also possible to use the left section (for left handed photographers), however the back connection will remain loose on the strap. On the Yeti you can unclip the second, shorter connection and use the main part of the strap as a single strap.

My lens has a tripod mount, should I attach my strap to my lens?

The FastenR can be attached to either your tripod mount or your lens (if equipped with a mount). Some photographers find they achieve a better balance with the FastenR attached to their lens. However, it’s an individual preference and both will work well.

Will the Brad work with my strap?

The Brad is compatible with all of our R-Straps.

How can I modify my strap?

BlackRapid straps can be modified with a variety of accessories including Joey Pockets, the Bert strap extender and the Brad underarm strap. All straps with a buckle in the back can accommodate the pockets and BERT extender.

Does the FastenR Stealth work with the LockStar?

Yes, the two can be used together but the FastenR Stealth must be hooked onto the ConnectR before adding the LockStar.

What do I do if my strap's pad slips off my shoulder while I'm photographing?

We suggest that you firmly push your camera away from yourself, keeping tension as you bring it up to take a photo. This will decrease the likelihood of your strap slipping off your shoulder. Also, if your strap is adjusted to be too long this would be more likely to occur because there is extra slack in the strap. Your strap should be adjusted so that your camera rests comfortably at, or just below, your hip.

We also offer the Brad for extra support.

Can our straps be used with binoculars?

Yes, you can use our straps with your binoculars. We suggest that you place your BlackRapid strap on first so that you have easy access to your binoculars when you need them. It is also possible to attach our straps directly to your binoculars if they have a 1/4-20” tripod mount.

We also carry a Binocular Strap that can be attached to the Double or a compatible backpack.

Can our straps be used with backpacks?

Our straps can be used with backpacks. We suggest that you put your strap on and adjust it before putting on your backpack. However, if your backpack has front straps it will restrict the gliding motion of your camera.

We also carry a Backpack Strap that can be attached to any backpack that has D rings or strong webbing loops on the straps.

Locking vs. non-locking which BERT do I need for my strap?

Around July 2014 we switched our buckle design slightly. It’s important to choose the BERT that fits the buckles on your strap. If you purchased a Metro, Curve, Kick, Double, Double Slim, Yeti, or Yeti Slim prior to this time your strap likely uses a non-locking BERT.

Straps from late 2014 and on use a locking buckle design, and you should purchase the Locking BERT.

Do I have to create an account to order online?

No. Simply don’t enter a password when starting the purchase flow.

Can I order by Phone?

At this time we are not able to take orders via the phone unless all other methods fail. Please place your order on our website or by visiting one of our Resellers.

When will my order arrive?

We know you are excited to get your gear and think that once you have it you’ll agree that it was worth the wait.

Domestic: Once your order has been printed, our systems should send you an email to confirm that your order is being processed and this will include a USPS (or FedEx if you choose that option) tracking number. Please refer to this email and the USPS or FedEx websites for the most up to date information. Standard domestic shipping generally takes no more than 5 business days, but can take up to 10 days. If time is a concern, please upgrade to Fed Ex Standard Overnight at checkout.

International: To shorten delivery time, we ship via FedEx and they do not provide a tracking number for International shipments. We will email you the day that your parcel leaves us. Each parcel is subject to a customs fee dependent on destination country. We cannot guarantee process times through customs agencies. Please contact your local customs office for updates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at and we’ll be happy help you with your order.

Can I upgrade my shipping option?

Only at the time of placing the order. Standard shipping is through the USPS (United States Postal Service) with expedited shipping available (for an extra cost) through FedEx both Domestic and International.

Do you have a dealer in my area?

Please check our dealer locator to find your closest retailer.