Felipe Passolas

Felipe Passolas

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Name: Felipe Passolas




Bio: Born in 79 I developed my carrear in financial markets trading and working in the banking and insurance industry till 2008 when I set up my first professional expedition in the attemp of ridding in a solo journey without mechanical support from Kajagistan to China, being my inflextion point into the world of photojournalism since them i cover the world documenting culture and the human conditio, since 2014 I have been working as a freelancer in war and humanitarian crisi, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Ukraine, Colombia, Balcans. When I am not traveling I teach photography in schools and I do coach professional and amateurs in their work. Regualar comercial assigemtnes as product, architectural or wedding are in my portfolio too. Nowdays I am preparing my next books.

Photography Genre: Photojournalist

Hometown: Granada, Spain

Resides: Base Camp Granada.

Career Highlight #1: Educated both in the UK and Spain. BA (Hons) International Business Finance. Financial Market Carreer.

Career Highlight #2: Photojournalist with experience in war zones and travel photographer. Teacher and Coach of Photography

Career Highlight #3: Author of "Nómada" book of photography and photojournalism, covering culutre, travel and photo reportage around the globe. 410 pages.

Favorite BLACKRAPID product: Street breathe

Age you took your first photo? What camera did you use? not remember first model, second one was a film Ricoh when I was a Teenager, in early 2000 a point and shot canon.

When did you realize that you wanted to be a professional photographer? 2008-2009 when I left the banking indutry and I start preparing professional travel and expeditions.

Who inspires you? the human condition

What camera do you use to capture most of your work? Nikon D600

If I could photograph anyone in the world, alive or deceased, it would be…. historical events not matter what, somethint that makes history and change peoples lifes. That could of course involve nature and humans.

What do you do when not taking photos? Experience life, friends, family, preapre expeditions and studying without my camera in order to undertands human beings and add value to history documenting humans later on thinking alot in human rights.

One piece of advice for someone at the beginning stages of their photography career? Invest in learning, knowledge is the best option, the best tool your head. Invest in attitude, traveling and education. Being a photographer is way more than just taking picture.

How do you "Live The Moment"? photographing the human contidion and nature around the globe

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