Felipe Passolas

Felipe Passolas

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Name: Felipe Passolas



Hometown: Granada, Spain

Resides: Granada, Spain

Career Highlight #1: Business and Management Administratios. Banking Industry. Insurances

Career Highlight #2: Travel and Expedition Photographer

Career Highlight #3: Documentary

Career Highlight #4: War and Humanitarian Crisis

Bio: I was educated both in the UK and Spain. My career started when I was 21 working in the banking industry, I left my full time job in the insurance field in 2008 and moved on into photography. I have been my entire life traveling but I took the camera as an excuse to keep telling experiences in a different way. I love documenting and storytelling, in the recent years I covered humanitarian crisis and wars, as well as commercial assignments and teaching.

BlackRapid product of choice: Black Rapid Yeti Slim Strap

Favorite place on earth? I was quite happy living in Brazil and Japan.

What was your first camera and your current camera? In the digital world, Olympus point and shoot in 2002 after that my first DSLR Pentax istD from my father. 2016 Nikon D600

Who is your photography idol/hero/inspiration? Sebastião Salgado

What do you do when you're not snapping pics? In the last few years I do not remember doing any other thing, but I teach others how to become better photographer, I focus in other sides of the industry, such as marketing, looking for clients, and putting a lot of times in my articles, writing and books. I always keep in mind my finance background so I keep an eye in any other business opportunity away from photography. So if you have a business proposal may be I am your guy!

What is your dream photoshoot? Being able to afford an international crew to travel to remote areas, supported by another group promoting and sharing the expedition a part from giving some security to the team and again support for daily issues. Document remote ways of living making a photo and video production. Compare that with origin of the different members of the group and understand better how the human being is around the globe or understanding we are not so different.

How do you "Live The Moment"? I think a lot about the future, I do plan what is coming or setting up projects. I collect memories with my images and look back to better performance not only in my personal but professional life. The present flies away so fast. I have to recognize I am so lucky and I am able to devote my life to my passions travel and photography.

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