Ike and Tash

Ike and Tash

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Email: info@ikeandtash.com

Website: www.ikeandtash.com

Bio: Ike & Tash are wedding and portrait photographers based out of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. They focus on weddings and engagements, high school seniors and families, but that's only half the story. They are also passionate about sharing, investing and growing the industry, and that's why we've worked so hard to offer educational resources and experiences for our fellow photogs and entrepreneurs. One of their biggest endeavors is BLINK, their annual boutique conference for photogs of all kinds that focuses on empowering, networking, and providing leadership so that all who attend can grow their business dreams into reality.

Q&A WITH Ike and Tash:

Photography Genre: Weddings

BlackRapid product of choice: Sport Breathe & Curve Breathe

Favorite place on Earth? Ike - home Tash - the desert

What was your first camera and your current camera? Ike - Sony Point and Shoot
Tash - Advantix Film Camera /
NOW - Ike - Nikon D800
Tash- Nikon D750

Who is your photography idol/hero/inspiration? Ike - Sam Hurd
Tash - Jasmine Star

What do you do when your not snapping pics? Ike - Editing Pictures
Tash - Hanging out with people, friends, teens

What is your dream photoshoot? Ike - a stylize couple doing stereotypical PNW stuff, insert waterfalls and mountains
Tash - shooting in Santorini Greece

How do you "Live The Moment"? Ike - by recording to snap chat
Tash - Putting my phone away and saying “yes”

Where is the photography industry headed? Everything online... but we don't necessarily love that direction

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