Johany Jutras

Johany Jutras

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Bio: Johany Jutras has established herself as one of the top sports photographers in Canada. Presently the official photographer of the Canadian Football League, Jutras travels across the country weekly to cover the on-field action for the CFL's top games. Jutras is also the official team photographer of the Toronto Argonauts. Beyond the action on the field, Johany works with a series of well-established agencies on commercial shoots for a number of national and international brands. Jutras has an impressive list of clients away from sports. She provides from photography services to The Globe and Mail (Canada’s No. 1 daily newspaper) and her regular clients include lululemon, adidas, TSN and StubHub, among others. She recently had her work featured in the CrossFit community, with her visual project “Beyond Strength,” a personal photo essay, which was viewed and published worldwide. In 2015, Jutras embarked on a self-funded, cross-country trip across Canada documenting the Canadian Football League. She turned the experience into a successful self-published book titled “Our League, Our Country.” A native of Drummondville, Quebec, Jutras now divides her time living and working in Toronto and Montreal.

Q&A WITH Johany Jutras:

Photography Genre: Sports

BlackRapid product of choice: Double Breathe

Age you took your first photo? My first camera was a Sony Digital Mavica MVC-something with a diskette slot. Anyone remembers the diskette?! A few years after I bought my first pro camera, a Canon 20D. I had a bunch of Canon cameras after that until I switch to Nikon in 2015. I now use a Nikon D5, Nikon D810, and I also have a Sony a9.

What is your dream photoshoot? I don’t think I have one dream photoshoot. I’d say I have some ideas/projects in my mind I want to accomplish, and once I scratch one off the list I always add another one. That’s my way to stay motivated and always challenge myself.

What do you do when not taking photos? I am either editing them or prepping for my next shoot. You can from time to time find me at the lobby bar or at the nearest good restaurant.

Favorite place on Earth? Wherever there’s good music, good wine, and good people.

How do you "Live The Moment"? I try to remind myself everyday how fortunate I am to be doing what I do for a living. This is a real blessing to call what I do “work”. And I try to get better at what I do every day, and keep learning and trying, and to not take anything for granted.