Jordan Loyd

Jordan Loyd

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Name: Jordan Loyd

Hometown: Denver, CO

Resides: Las Vegas, NV / Denver, CO

Career Highlight #1: Multi page spread featured in the Holland Herald which was on every single KLM flight seatback for a month throughout the world.

Career Highlight #2: Photographing the northern lights in Tromsø, Norway.

Career Highlight #3: New York Times Features

Career Highlight #4: Vogue Feature on 2016 NYFW with Tiësto

Career Highlight #5: Getting a Grammy shout out.

Bio: I'm a professional photographer living between Las Vegas, NV and Denver, CO. I started my photography career in the ski and snowboard industry working with companies such as NBC, Vail Resorts and O'Neill. I moved on to shooting small club venues and local music shows during the summer when I was not shooting winter sports. I started to really enjoy the music photography industry and soon moved full time to covering concerts, festivals and clubs. I've been able to work with amazing companies, people and musicians. I currently work for a DJ doing tour management and photography all over the world.

BlackRapid product of choice: Double Slim (DR-2)

Favorite place on earth? Tough to chose but I would have to say Norway.

What was your first camera and your current camera? First Camera: Nikon N75 | Current Camera: Nikon D4 / Sony AS7 II

Who is your photography idol/hero/inspiration? Clark Little, Annie Leibovitz, Timur Emek, Jones Crow, Chuck Lang

What do you do when you're not snapping pics? When I'm not working, I love to escape up to the mountains and ski.

What is your dream photoshoot? After thinking about this for quite some time, I don't think I have a dream photoshoot. I love to diversify my photography and keep things fresh. I just can't imagine a photoshoot that is the end all be all of my dreams. I like to take every shoot and make it the best I can.

How do you "Live The Moment"? I try to live in the moment by reminding myself to step back and enjoy things. I'm incredibly lucky my career takes me all over and I really try to just sometimes sit and enjoy the places or people I'm at or with. Too often I'm planning the next thing, the next hour, the next year - but I've really tried to work on just stopping and sitting every once in a while. Grabbing a cup of coffee and people watching for an hour or so really brings me down to the moment.

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