Rebecca Bathory

Rebecca Bathory

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Name: Rebecca Bathory

Hometown: London

Resides: Location Dependant

Career Highlight #1: My first pubished book Soviet Ghosts

Career Highlight #2: My second book Fukushima

Career Highlight #3: Winning Professional Photographer of the Year in 2009

Career Highlight #4: Being able to travel the world constantly for my job

Career Highlight #5: Feeling complete passion and love for what I do everyday

Bio: I'm a fineart photographer, born in London, but I gave up my flat January 2016 and have been travelling the world on book commisions ever since. My work focuses on death and decay and the beauty found within that. I find beauty in darkness, poetry and meaning in the forgotten and surreal, imaginary worlds amongst decay. My artworks breathe life into forgotten historical locations, reawaken old narratives, find beauty and meaning in their ruin and revive the memories of lost moments in places.

Unseen to the ordinary public who pass their boarded windows and fenced walls, no trespass signs refrain communities from seeing the hidden world within, slowly being claimed back by nature unseen. I find entry to these mystical places hidden to the world and sensitively capture them as a beautiful record, as they deserve to be recorded for posterity too, before they are lost as time rolls inexorably on. I capture the stories and characteristic through carefully composed images, to include the romantiscm and memories of the ruins.

BlackRapid product of choice: Sport Breathe

Favorite place on earth? I've been to so many it's hard to just pick one, but the time I spent in Asia was very special.

What was your first camera and your current camera? My first camera was my grandads old antiue My first SLR 10 years ago was a Canon 5D and I currently use a Mamiya Leaf Credo 80 medium format

Who is your photography idol/hero/inspiration? I try not to idolise others, I'm more inspired by my older self and at how far Ive come. I prefer to look for inspiration in my surroundings rather then what other people are doing

What do you do when you're not snapping pics? I live and breathe photography, if Im not snapping pics I am planning on snapping one.

What is your dream photoshoot? I'm shooting my dreams constantly and this makes me mega happy, my dreams will just continue to get bigger and bigger I'm sure

How do you "Live The Moment"? Its all about taking risks, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, pushing myself to think differently and enjoy every minute of it. I prefer experinces over material things and every day I live in the there and then instead of looking to far in the future. Its about being thankful for what I have, not wishing for what I havent.

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