Samuel Hurt

Samuel Hurt

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Name: Samuel Hurt



Photography Genre: Outdoor/ Documentary/ Video

Hometown: Peel, The Isle of Man

Resides: Glasgow, Scotland

Career Highlight #1: Receiving my first commission, which was actually from my best friend! !I think I'm still waiting on my fee...)

Career Highlight #2: Bringing home my first SLR after a day of shooting and looking through the images. That's when things started getting real!

Career Highlight #3: Working with one of my childhood heroes, Ray Mears on a video shoot. I'll admit, I was genuinely speechless.

Bio: I'm primarily a film maker, raised in the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Man. I'm a sucker for adventures and storytelling, and I do my best to convey the buzz they give me to my audience through my videos.

Becoming familiar with both video and stills cameras at a very early age has ensured that for the majority of my life, there's always been an opportunity to document the things that inspire me.

I currently work full-time as a self employed filmmaker and photographer, running my own business where I can offer a wide range of clients the opportunity to tell their stories to the world in a way that attempts to convey the buzz of their inspirations directly to an audience.

When I create a film, the music comes first. I listen without distraction and begin to form what I want to see. It is an integral part to creating an atmosphere within a visual piece, and I use it to define my final outcome.

Where some may feel that a camera detaches oneself from "real life", I have to disagree. When I take my camera into the landscape, I see the world in an entirely different light. Training my eye to notice details, narratives and compositions that are all too easy to pass by.

Oh, and I also love dogs!

Favorite BLACKRAPID product: The Tripod Jacket

Age you took your first photo? What camera did you use? This could have been when I was about 9 years old, I think it was taken on a Game Boy Camera, which are pretty rare now I believe!

When did you realize that you wanted to be a professional photographer? The first time I came home with my SLR after shooting a bunch of images. Looking back through what I'd taken I got this really strange buzz of excitement. I realised then that it made me tick, and I've been following that feeling ever since!

Who inspires you? My parents, without a doubt. The work of Emmanuel Lubezki in 'The Revenant' really fascinates me too.

What camera do you use to capture most of your work? Panasonic Lumix GH4

If I could photograph anyone in the world, alive or deceased, it would be.... That would have to be Frank Zappa

What do you do when not taking photos? Usually, edit photos and videos! But when I'm not doing that, you can usually find me playing board games, drawing and playing music (Bass Guitar – funk all the way!)

Favorite place on Earth? The Scottish Highlands

One piece of advice for someone at the beginning stages of their photography career? Take risks and don't be afraid of being afraid – if you feel passionate about something, then that's all the validation you'll ever need.

How do you "Live The Moment"? I like to throw myself into new situations that might make me slightly uncomfortable at first – which is yet to backfire! Also, I try to be the person my dog thinks I am.

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